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Event Management - Eventos Circulares

Event Management

You choose what you need.

Our staff can run the whole event for you or work with you to provide the necessary skills you require.  Arrange an appointment to get started. 



Event Management Services

Our staff can work with you to create “Turn Key” solutions for your organisation.  We can assist at any stage of the process; however, the earlier we get involved, the better the outcomes.  Running events is a lot more than people expect.  It takes time and a lot of planning to ensure you achieve your results. We can not emphasise more that the planning and budgeting stage is the most critical phase of any event. 

Event Consulting

We can do it all or assist where you need help.

Mentoring & Training

For many organisations trying to run their events, there is a lack of experience or expertise. We can mentor and train your staff.

Event Scope

Creating the scope is the platform for everything that precedes.

Budget Development

Get this right, and you have the platform for the event.

Volunteer Management

Often one of the most challenging areas for managers, understanding volunteer's motivations and looking after their welfare is essential.


Having worked with many Not-For-Profits, we understand the challenges faced by the groups to remain compliant. ​


Document, Document Document is the secret to remaining compliant and preparing for your Audit.

Permits and Licenses

There are more and more requirements placed on events, let us work with you wade through the process and get everything in place.


Your' covered for what you declare, and the right cover is essential to protecting your organisation and your patrons.


Stakeholder engagement is critical to creating a sustainable and ongoing event. Identify these groups and start engaging early.


Creating an event creates exposure, and this has a value, make sure you optimise this opportunity.


If people do not know about your event, how can they come to it? Getting this right and maximising their spend is vital to the success of your event.

Media & PR

Being prepared and engaging with the media can manage all sort of situations, and when done, we can promote next year's event.

Registration & Ticketing

Our staff have experience with many of the available platforms, and we can provide support to staff and end users.


Engage with your audience. Many people only think of social media. Event apps can create energy around your events, allowing you to push out notifications, provide information and announcements as well.


Merchandising can be a significant part of your income if organised correctly.