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Operations and Logistics - Eventos Circulares

operations and Logistics

When we examine the operations and logistics that surround an event, we must think about answers to all these questions. The how, when, where, and what of running the event; How are we bringing our equipment onsite? When do we need the delivery of the equipment? Where do we locate our stalls to maximise guests flow? What are we tying to achieve? How do we manage waste? How are we dealing with the flow of vehicles around our space to ensure safety? Our Operations team will design all the movements, the setup and flow of personnel, guests and providers.

We can manage the operations and logistics for your event, so you can focus on your clients.  If you already have a team but need more assistance, we can provide the specific services you require and mentor your team. 

Defining Scope

The scope is one of the most critical steps. Without a scope and offer, you cannot create an accurate budget. 


From the event plan and scope, we can assist you in developing and defining the event, resourcing, etc., before we start preparing the event.


Something close to the founder's hearts is the management of our waste and resources. Events need to be responsible members of the globe.


Purchasing is one of the most significant roles in an event. Budgets are made or lost with this role. We already have many providers with proven track records and can assist with tendering and so on.


Contracts are the cornerstone of the legal architecture of an event. They protect your organisation and everyone else related to it.

Traffic Plans

Traffic planning is the responsibility of the event managers to ensure the patrons are safe, and we minimise the impact to the local network.

Transport Logistics

Most sites are not located near extensive parking infrastructure or in a remote location. Solving the logistics around transport will increase your attendance.

Vendor Management

Whether providing food and beverage, market stalls or entertainment understanding vendor contracts and compliance is essential.

Security Services

Security is an essential component of an event which needs to consider the risks to correctly staff. The safety and security of your event, starts with this service.

Event Staff

Sourcing qualified, and experienced staff is fundamental to providing services. We have industry partners able to provide personnel.

Risk Assessment

This process is fundamental to creating a safe and enjoyable event. It starts during the planning and scope phase and continues until you bump out.

Emergency planning

Clear emergency plans and identifying the Emergency Commander are essential in your event plan.

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