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Fundraising - Eventos Circulares


Charity overload.

Fundraising in today’s landscape is very difficult. There are so many charities and not-for-profit vying for the charity dollar.  People are reluctant to give as they are bombarded with so many requests to give.   

Partner with us to generate much needed funds.

The Co-Founders of Eventos Circulares have been working with not-for-profits for more than 20 years, in over 45 countries.  We understand the challenges for these organisations and the volunteer base.  Our business can mentor, organise and create events that can generate the much-needed funds your organisation requires. Our experience can allow your staff and volunteers to dovetail into the running of the event to generate a source of funding going forward. 


Government grants can be a source of much-needed funds for Not-For-Profits. Every level of government provides support to NFPs to undertake works to provide services to the community.


Sponsorship can provide some much-needed funds. However, it can be difficult to access any real funds. Businesses are more forthcoming for events as they can benefit from the broader exposure.


Events, when well planned, can be a good source of funding. People are more willing to give when they are getting something out of it.

Ops & Logistics

Preparing for an event takes time, sourcing services and resources requires experience. Not all organisations have these skills or the time to complete this it.


Your NFP status is reliant on being compliant and the audit process. Having worked with several NFPs assisting them to become compliant we can help you.

Mentoring & Training

If you want to have a go at running the event on your own, we can mentor and train your staff.


Insurance is only as good as what you declare, do not get caught with a cover that lets you down. You need to make sure you understand the risks, so you make a complete declaration.

Permits & Licenses

Let us help you to get all the licenses and permits you need to run the event.

Marketing & Social Media

Often a challenging prospect for organisations. Let us set you up and train your staff so you can maximise the exposure and get your message out.