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Success is  measured in many ways  

How do you measure the success of an event? This needs to be clear, defined and understood before you can plan your event.  

Our experienced team will help you determine your overall objectives and also help you achieve a sustainable outcome for your organisation.  

Big or small events require resources, engaging with local small businesses and clubs provides community support keeping people employed and the money circulating locally. 

A goal for today is to not only run an event, but it needs to be sustainable with minimal impacts.   

We will focus on your event so that you can focus on your business. 

How can we help?


We can organise large outdoor multi-day festivals to intimate outings


Getting your outcomes right with conferences ensures its longevity and good public relations.


Our staff have unbelievable experience running events within Australia and 45 other countries running operas, festivals and other events.


Get the outcomes you need from your meetings.

Trade Shows

Whether you are hosting the trade show or an exhibitor let us make sure it is a success.

Corporate Events

Work with our team to define and deliver your outcomes.

Event Services

We can help you with running the whole shebang to assisting any component of an event.


The latest modern way to maintain an event for large audience are webinars.

What clients have said 

“Yes Ted! Cleanup is ALL of our responsibility, I’m disgusted that people expect someone else to come and clean up after them rather than being decent people and simply taking their own waste with them - overprivileged and really icky attitude. We should be praising the Seafood Festival for being such a success, and going the extra mile coming back to clean up is really brilliant!! .”


"Never knew it was a fund raising event, how awesome is that! Great work and I reckon it will be bigger and better next year!👍👍👍"


“Well said Ted, From what I saw, everyone was enjoying themselves. We went down early , so glad we did. I've never in over 40 yrs seen so many people walking along the waterfront, and a constant traffic jam going past the park ! Congratulations to everyone who did all the hard work !”


“Congratulations to you Ted and Robbie for putting yourselves out there to establish an amazing community event which will only grow from strength to strength. 👏🏾👏🏾”


“Such a turn out! Was a great day thank you who organised it.”


“Yesterday was fantastic! Sure, there were a lot of people but the wait for food etc was totally worth it!! You guys did an amazing job and I cannot wait for next year’s event!!.”


"People clearly want events like this one. It was great to see so many people enjoying the day. What a cracking crowd for a first year! Thanks again to all the volunteers that ran and worked at the event."


“Well I, for one, think it was fantastic. Thank you for staging such a wonderful event”